Gospel Race Justice

The importance of Christian friendships that defy expectations

Jamaal Williams & Jim Tipton

April 21, 2023

“Two things are essential in this world—life, and friendship. Both must be prized highly, and not undervalued. They are nature’s gifts. We were created by God that we might live; but if we are not to live solitarily, we must have friendship.” – Augustine

An unlikely friendship

Jamaal Williams: As a Black pastor of a multiethnic and multicultural church in a predominantly urban Black community, I can become deeply burdened and temporarily hopeless when there is racial upheaval due to the unnecessary and unjust killing of Black citizens. A primary reason that I’m tempted to be hopeless is the pervasive power of the sin of racism in our society. What keeps me from despair is abiding in the gospel of Jesus Christ, which promises me that the same power that raised Christ from the dead will one day make all things new. 

I also find hope in the personal testimonies that I have witnessed in the last 13 years of pastoral ministry. The Lord has allowed me to see people turn from apathy to action in joining the fight for equity, justice, and Black dignity. 

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