The Gospel, Race, and Justice (Resources)

What does it look like to see and value every person's God-given dignity? What does it look like to pursue justice in a way that glorifies God, respects leaders, and loves neighbors? We believe that God’s word, the gospel of Jesus Christ, and biblical principles offer hope, healing, and wisdom for these questions. We've provided this website as a resource page for you to listen, learn, and consider what it means to follow Christ, pursue justice, and think through race and ethnicity. We truly believe that the gospel offers the only hope we have in a divided and polarized world. We pray that the following resources would strengthen and encourage you as a disciple of Jesus.

Watch or listen to any of the sermons in our The Gospel, Race, and Justice sermon series below. You can also access the Community group guide here

  • Week #1 - (8/9) The Gospel, Race, and Justice, Pastor Jamaal [Listen] [Watch]
  • Week #2 - (8/16) The Power of the Gospel, Pastor Jarvis [Listen] [Watch]
  • Week #3- (8/23) The Gospel and Social Structures, Pastor TPJ [Listen] [Watch]
  • Week #4 - (8/30) The Gospel and Privilege, Pastor TPJ [Listen] [Watch]
  • Midweek Service (9/2): Love One Another, Pastor Jarvis [Watch]
  • Week #5 - (9/6) The Gospel and Generosity, Pastor Jamaal [Listen] [Watch]
  • Week #6 - (9/13) The Gospel and Hope, Pastor Jamaal  [Listen] [Watch]

More Resources

Here is a full list of Pastor Jamaal’s book suggestions.

Here is a guide for how to talk to friends and family about the issues surrounding race and justice.

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