The Baptism Testimony of Marissa Higgins

Marissa Higgins

April 18, 2023

I grew up in a family that instilled good values and attended church regularly. I learned about God but never got to know to Him.

I placed my identity in being an athlete and in my physical appearance. I was informed I needed back surgery after my first game of my high school senior season. I was devastated and angry. I felt lost and alone. I struggled with depression and formed an eating disorder. I became an awful girlfriend, friend, and daughter.

Through my parents, PT, and counseling my back healed, I learned the tools to battle my struggle with food and depression, and I was able to walk on at Ohio University. But I entered college still feeling lost and placing my identity in all the wrong things.

When I was a sophomore, a woman approached one of our practices and invited us to attend a bible study on Wednesday nights with other female athletes. I am still not sure why, but I attended. It was through those Wednesday nights that I learned of a relational God for the first time. I spent several years going through the motions of attending that bible study and later attending Sojourn, wanting to learn how to vulnerably pray and intrigued to know and be known by our Father yet still had a hardened heart.

Then in 2018 I was informed I had to have another back surgery. I was devastated and scared but this time I did not give in to my struggle with bulimia. I did not sit in anger or depression. Instead, I prayed. For the first time I really spoke to God. He provided me rest, comfort, and the ability to be cared for by others instead of being angry. Since then, the Lord has placed spiritually influential people into my life through CG, a roommate, D group and other vulnerable friendships.

He has continued to meet me where I am and soften my heart. I now desire to live a more Christ like life. I desire to be at church. I desire to share the good news of the gospel. I find comfort in His word and prayer. I was a lost sinner and today I joyfully claim the forever identity of a saved sinner through Jesus Christ.

Marissa Higgins

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