The Baptism Testimony of Evie Vanderpool

November 30, 2023

My name is Sherbitu Evangeline Vanderpool, but everyone calls me Evie. I was born in Ethiopia, and I came home to my family in Louisville when I was two. My family has always gone to church, and I was raised in a Christian home. This past summer I was riding in the car with my family and I felt the Holy Spirit speak to my heart and tell me I needed to accept God into my heart. When I got home I talked to my mom and my older sister about salvation.

My sister and I have done Bible studies together, and when I was thinking about what we talked about, it made me want to have salvation myself. That night when my mom was praying with me in bed, I told her I wanted to accept Christ in my heart. I said, “Jesus, I ask that you forgive me for my sins. All the sins that I know I have done wrong and the things I don’t know that I do wrong and that you will help me do better.”

I told God I accepted him as Savior into my heart. I thank God for sending the Holy Spirit to talk to my heart and telling me I needed him to be my Savior. I love to learn about Christ, and I know that Christ is with me. I also love to worship God and I pray to him and I pray for people and pray every day. Now I am going to work on praying more and reading my Bible more and helping others.

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