The Baptism Testimony of Esther Lee

Esther Lee

April 25, 2023

Growing up as a missionary kid, it was hard for me to ask questions about my faith because I assumed missionary kids had to know everything about Jesus and were all expected to be Christians. I sought the truth the best I could, but I sought it because I was afraid of hell, not because I wanted a relationship with the Lord. Because Jesus was not the foundation of my life, when I found myself at the lowest point in my life, I was completely hopeless. I was overcome by the lie that there was no purpose in living anymore.

I remember sitting on my bed one day, trying to find things in my life that were still worth living for. I could think of nothing. As suicidal thoughts ran through my head, God revealed himself to me asking me if there was really no reason to live. I knew a lot about who God was, but had never pursued him as my God. Right then, I felt God inviting me into his arms. I felt compassion, comfort, hope, safety and overwhelming love. I surrendered my whole life to Him that day, and as unsure of the future as I was, I now had God as my life’s foundation. 

I once thought my only hope was death, but now, my hope is in the one true living King, the only one who can save! I now have everlasting hope, because I have Jesus! Before, God was just in my life, and whenever I needed him, I would search for him. But now, God is my life. I am trying everyday to live a completely surrendered life, living only for his glory. My life was empty before, but now I see how God’s goodness fills my life.

Jesus saved me and changed my life. I used to live for earthly things, things that lack eternal hope. I now live for Christ who died on the cross for my sins because he loves me so much, and defeated death through his resurrection. I now serve the one true living God. He is transforming me everyday. I still have hard days, but now I have Jesus as my hope and my foundation. Everyday I encounter his grace, mercy, forgiveness, and overwhelming love. He is the best thing that has happened to me, and I am excited to be able to worship him for the rest of my life and one day to have my faith turned to sight! He saved me and I am so ready to take another step towards obedience and be baptized today. All glory to Him.

Esther Lee

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