The Baptism Testimony of Bailey Walker

Bailey Walker

February 06, 2024

I was seven years old when I was diagnosed with cancer. I grew up in a religious household, with parents who taught my siblings and me the good news of Jesus Christ. I was consistently prayed over throughout treatment and was told that I am the epitome of His goodness. However, as I got older, I became more self-aware of the extent of my cancer and survivorship. Once I reached high school, I began to doubt his goodness all together. How could such a loving Father allow a child to endure such pain? So, instead of drawing close to God, I ran away. There was a gaping hole in my heart full of shame, guilt, and hopelessness—but I didn’t want to admit that I needed a Savior.

I was ready to walk away from it all, but then God placed three important people in my life here at college. Lindsey, Jaena, and Hannah helped me understand the gospel in a new light. They helped me carry my burden and encouraged me to see a future in Jesus. It was through my friendships with them that I really began to understand the goodness of God.

Around this time last year, I was in my car driving when I felt called to pull over and recommit my life to Christ. I prayed for the forgiveness of my sins and to proclaim Jesus as my Savior. It finally clicked for me after all this time that I have never walked alone—I just needed to seek God and welcome Him in my heart. This past September was my 11th year of being cancer-free. I still have hard days, but I know that through Christ I am saved, and I don't have to fight my struggles alone. Praise God!

Bailey Walker

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