The Baptism Testimony of Isaac Parks

Isaac Parks

October 24, 2023

I grew up in a Christian household. As we got settled down into Northern Kentucky, we found a church that became “our” church. As I got older I stopped going to that church and started dabbling in other religions, living for myself, and delving into sexual immorality. As I came to UofL, I saw a few Sojourn College events, and they seemed like cool people and it inspired me to start reading my Bible more. 

As I began to get more into God’s Word, I was still living as I was before—dabbling in other religions that were basically making me become my own God, living for myself, and being sexually immoral.

Until one day God showed me a vision during a buddhist meditation where I encountered what I believed at the time to be Satan. After that vision, Jesus showed me everything that I was doing wrong and revealed to me his true grace by giving me that second chance. After that I had turned from my old ways but only once I started going to Sojourn did I really learn how to fear God and start living for Jesus rather than myself. Life is still a bit of a struggle, but everyday that Jesus leads me, life becomes just that much easier.

Isaac Parks

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