The Baptism Testimony of Isla Nolan

August 09, 2023

I was born to Christian parents and all the way back to my earliest memories, I’ve known who Jesus is and what he did, but never thought of the significance of his story for me. I knew the Bible stories, but not the purpose of them.

When I was eight years old, in the 3rd grade, we started a subject called Christian Studies. In the subject, we would study the Bible stories, but more in depth than in regular Sunday school. I wanted to know more about them.

I remember that I started asking questions about subjects like the Trinity or Revelation, even why God put us on Earth if we were imperfect. My parents answered my questions to the best of their ability, or if they didn’t know the answer, they would help me look it up. Through these conversations, God opened my eyes, and I was able to understand and believe the gospel—that the Old Testament stories display God’s amazing character and love for me. That we were separated from God through sin, and we try to make odds right with God, but in vain. And that Jesus the Messiah died on the Cross for me and my sins.

Now I am twelve years old, and I'm excited and ready to be baptized into a life with Jesus.

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