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Ethnic Conciliation Reading List

Jamaal Williams

April 21, 2023

Below is a reading list that I compiled. The books that are on this list are not perfect, and I do not agree with everything that any author says. It’s important to note that not all of these books listed are written by Christian authors, but they have all been helpful to me for different reasons. Also, many of the Christian authors that I list differ from me in second and third-tier theological issues. Each book on the list adds some value to the African American experience in America or the subject of “race.”

With that being said, if you are not accustomed to reading Christians who have different doctrinal beliefs then you, I suggest you read a couple of reviews of the book and short bios about the author.

With the inclusion of some non-Christian authors, I want to be clear that I am not implying that reconciliation amongst races can happen without the gospel. Rather, I’m simply pointing out that these authors contribute to a social, historical experience that can be helpful. Also, many other books could be added which deal with ethnic reconciliation in different cultures, however, this reading list focuses explicitly on the divide between white and black America. Note, books with asterisks next to them are great places to start under each category. May the Lord continue to allow us to grow in our understanding of the gospel and allow the church to model Unity as one new man (Eph. 2:11–22). Happy Reading.

- Jamaal Williams

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Jamaal Williams

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