Sent One Care

Sending well includes caring well. While agencies and other counseling professionals are a wonderful gift, we believe that one of the primary means of care for Sent Ones should come through the local church. We realize that the mental, emotional, and spiritual health of a Sent One is most often cultivated through a variety of means but we deeply believe that the local church plays a significant role!

In light of this conviction, we place a priority on working alongside sending agencies to care for our Sent Ones well. We provide care through grace-oriented relationships, proactive care (assessment and development, regular check-ins, reentry, etc.) and reactive care (on-going care meetings, crisis situations, etc)

We have a designated team whose primary focus is on the care of our Sent Ones. If you would like to know more about our sending care or would like to serve in this area of ministry, you can email

Here are a few resources in the area of care:
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Thoughts on Caring for Sent Ones

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