We Go On

We Go On

We Go On Live is an evening designed to help you hold on to hope during times that seem to make it so slippery. The We Go On Tour is designed as a next step toward healing. We’ve learned that sometimes the smallest steps are the most important ones - so, we curated a safe space for you to talk (and laugh) about the uncomfortable, intimidating, and sometimes scary topic: Grief. Our time together will be filled with coffee, live music, film, and conversation. Come experience a sense of both anticipation and freedom and leave with a wealth of hope. 

Oh yeah, bring somebody with you because what you experience will be hard to explain later.

Tragedy doesn’t ruin us. Hopelessness does. 

Join us for an evening full of hope.

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Sojourn Midtown is a part of the Sojourn family of churches. Our mission is to reach people with the gospel, build them up as the church, and send them into the world.

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