Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School

Our kids may know their favorite comic book characters aren't real, but they still look forward to the next release, the next episode, and the next movie. Why? Comic book stories testify to one of the deep truths about life. This world is broken. It isn't how it's supposed to be, so we need someone superhuman to save us. We need a hero!

The Bible tells us Jesus is that hero. And Jesus is different than any other Savior we've trusted before. He has no kryptonite. He never fails to deliver. Even when he died and faded from the scene, Jesus rose from the ashes. He came back for more.

And when Jesus rose again, he brought along with him a band of believers -- the people of his church -- who rise alongside their Savior with new identities of their own.

Sojourn Kids is happy to announce this year’s Vacation Bible School, Not-So-Secret Identities! This year, kids will learn that you don't have to be a superhero to follow Jesus, because God makes us who we are.

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