Garden Project Parent Night: Technology

Garden Project Parent Night: Technology

Friday, October 27, 2023

How can we cultivate children who flourish in Christ in a world awash with digital technologies?

Digital technologies, like any other tools, should be used to aid in human flourishing, yet many studies indicate that our children are worse off than ever. The modern parent is faced with numerous questions in our technological age: Should I get my kid a smartphone? Should they have social media? Is not having a device actually hindering their experience of the world? If they have a device, how can I help them use it well?

During this month's Parent Night, we will be discussing digital technologies, the effects they can have on our children, and how to cultivate household habits of intentional use that aid in pointing our children toward flourishing in Christ.

This event costs $10 per person and includes dinner. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer childcare for this event.

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