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Teenagers, just like all of us, long to belong. How do they experience this belonging? Through ownership of something they can call theirs. Giving them ownership of something they find valuable tells them that we value them. Kids and teenagers have the image of God, and what did God command his image bearers to do in the garden? He commanded them to own it; to take responsibility for it. In doing so, He communicated their value. God doesn’t wait to command people to have dominion when they become an adult. The longing for and responsibility of owning something means to be created in the image of God. That doesn’t start when kids turn 18. We have to help them to recognize this sooner. 


This is what we desire: we want our kids to love it here. To do that, we have to let kids know that they matter to us. Since the spaces in our building communicate who has a valuable place here, we have to care for their spaces. We want to be able to look at families both old and new and tell them without words whenever they walk into our building, “Your kids matter to us because they matter to God.”


Above and Beyond is an invitation for Sojourn J-Town to give above and beyond what we normally give, so we can do things beyond what we normally can do. We are asking you, our church family to give $70,000 above and beyond your normal giving to meet tangible needs in our kids and student ministries. For our students, we want to identify the space that is theirs. For our kids, we want to enhance the space that is theirs. The main areas we will be addressing with these funds:

  1. Replacing our old playground equipment in our kids’ wing
  2. Upgrading our kids’ assembly space
  3. Turning the Connect Room into our dedicated student ministry space

We know that ministry to families doesn’t only involve building. Strategic hires, other ministry improvements, and prayer are a must. However, ministry does happen in spaces, and your giving will help to move the needle in these ministries as we build a faith Jesus in kids that lasts a lifetime. 


Who is this invitation for? All of us. Where we give our money to, we start to pay attention to. We are asking you, a member of our church family, to prayerfully give above and beyond your current giving. As we do this together, we trust that it will deepen the joy of God in us. 

Give Now

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