S2 is our student ministry for grades 6-12. Our student ministry has the same mission as our church which is to

1) REACH people with the Gospel,

2) BUILD them up as the church, and

3) RELEASE them into the world.


SMS – SMS stands for Sunday Morning Students. SMS is during the 11 AM service in kids wing. For the first fifteen minutes students serve as greeters and Kids check-in helpers. At 11:15 we head to the third floor for Bible study and accountability time. We go through the whole Bible once every three years in our kids and student departments, so if your student starts Sojourn Kids as a 3 year-old, they will go through the whole Bible 5 times before they graduate! We believe this is a major way we can build students up as the church and reach new students with the Gospel.

S2 in the Evening – S2 in the Evening is a time when we gather our students at the church on Sunday evenings from 6:00 to 7:30. Our church parking lot is a hot spot in the neighborhood where people gather to play basketball, tag, and other neighborhood games. We believe that this is a great time to release the students who have been built up as the church on Sunday morning in order to reach our neighbors with the Gospel.

Special Events – Finally, we do special events like summer camp, retreat weekends, and service projects to facilitate our desire to reach new students with the gospel, build up our students as the church, and release them into the world.  You can see what events we have coming up below.

Upcoming Events

Here’s what we have coming up in the Fall:

Disciple Now Weekend – Friday evening September 15th through Sunday the 17th, we will go through five books of the Bible, have a pool party, go bowling, eat pizza, pray for our neighbors, and sleep very little among other things. This event is great for students to invite their friends to. You can sign up here.

High School Retreat – all four Sojourn campuses will be attending a high school retreat together November 3rd through the 5th. Come back later for a sign up and more info.

Partnering with Parents

Not only do we want to serve your students, but we also want to partner with you, the parent. Here are a few of ways we can do that.

1) Attend our quarterly parent/leader meetings. Check your bulletin or The City for the next scheduled meeting.

2) Get your free Rightnow Media account, then you and your teens can watch many youth Bible studies on topics like prayer, dating, peer pressure, preparing for college and Bible doctrine. Meanwhile you can watch Marriage & Parenting video studies at our Rightnow Media website, as well as free apps for iOs, Android, Roku and Apple TV.

3) Email Director of Students Stephen Pierce with any questions you have. He would love to hear from you.