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FAQ – What To Expect On Sunday, & other questions

Q. What’s With All The Construction Around Your Building?

We want our building to become more hospitable for you. We are doing some major renovations to the auditorium wing of our building, which should be completed mid-to-late July. We’ll have bigger, handicap-accessible restrooms, a large lobby, and a new main entrance.

Q. How Long Is A Normal Service?

Each Sojourn Gathered service lasts for approximately 75 minutes.

Q. Is There Childcare?
We provide free childcare for newborns up to children in the fifth grade. Pre-school aged children and above will learn simple Bible lessons together as they play.

Q. How Should I Dress?
You won’t find very many ties at Sojourn Gathered – not that there’s anything wrong with ties. Simply put, come as you are. For most people at our gatherings, that tends to be something like jeans and a shirt, whether collared or tee.

Q. Will I Be Singled Out?
No. We will not ask visitors to stand and be recognized, to give a testimony, to come to the front, or anything like that.

Q. Will I Be Pressured To Give Money?
No. We welcome your donation if you would like to give, but giving is primarily something for members and regular attendees – for those who have said, “I’ve found out what I need to know about Sojourn, and I’m all in. This is my church family, and Sojourn’s mission is my mission.”

Q. What Are The Sermons Like?
We preach the Bible, verse-by-verse, book-by-book. We believe that you’ll find, in the pages of the Bible, a more gripping story and a more satisfying explanation and solution to the troubles of life than the false promise of “Three Quick Steps To A Whole New You” styled lectures.

Need more info? Why not listen to some of our sermons here?

Q. What Is The Music Like?
We reach out to good musicians in our midst, and we invite them to do what they do best. Our bands include elements of rock, pop, bluegrass, folk, and other styles, while leading the congregation in songs that cover the full range of emotion from sorrow to joy, and the full truth of God’s gospel.

We write some of our own songs, and we also play arrangements of classic hymns and modern worship songs. We’ve recorded several albums, which you can listen to here.

Q. How Can I Get My Free Rightnow Media Account?
Rightnow Media is like the “Netflix” of Bible studies, discipleship videos and Bible-based children’s shows. If you’re connected with Sojourn New Albany (even as a first-time visitor), we’ll give you a free account! You can watch these videos on your computer, Android and iOS devices, or your TV via Roku, Apple TV and Google Chromecast. Get your free account here.

Q. How Are You Partnering With Fresh Stop Market?

We are honored to host Fresh Stop Market in New Albany every other Thursday, 4:30-6:30pm from June 15-November 2. This “pop-up” farm-fresh food market provides a welcoming, happy atmosphere where there is lots of laughter, food, and fun. Produce shares are ordered one to two weeks in advance and are full of the bounty of Kentuckiana’s seasonal produce. Families on WIC or who receive SNAP/EBT/Food Stamps will pay less. More info here!


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