What is Sojourn Care?

We believe God is the God of all comfort who cares for us through our relationship with Jesus Christ by God’s Spirit with God’s people according to God’s Word. Sojourn Care equips men, women, and couples to experience God’s care together as we follow Jesus by faith. 

How can I receive help?

Sojourn Care equips through the following pathways:

Restore meets on Wednesday nights from 6:30-8:30pm. Restore is a ministry that helps God’s people to know and experience God’s love as we connect God’s story with our story. Restore is for anyone who wants to grow as a disciple or who is overwhelmed by life. Read this FAQ to learn more about Restore.  Contact for more information.

Premarital Care is offered to Sojourn members who are engaged and preparing for marriage. To apply for pre-marital care, click here. If you have questions about PMC, contact For information about having your wedding at Sojourn Church, go here.

Sunday Classes are offered throughout the year to equip God’s people in various aspects of life, to include caring for one another with the gospel, marriage tune-ups, conflict and common struggles in relationships.

Redeem Marriage events help couples redeem their vision, hearts and oneness in marriage through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Stabilizing Care is sometimes necessary depending on the urgency and severity of the struggle you might be experiencing. While our desire for you is to be able to journey with God and others through Restore, we understand it may be necessary for you to first receive help from a Sojourn Church pastor or Care leader. If you would like to receive some guidance regarding what might be the best next step for you, email or fill out our care request form.

Who are the Care Staff?

Robert Cheong

Pastor of Care

Karen Cheong

Deacon of Care