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Sojourn Kids September 20, 2020

Jesus Was Arrested

Hey everyone,

This week at Sojourn Kids we're going chronologically through the Bible and our lesson will be the story about when Jesus was arrested.

Also, this week we will have teachers for different classes going live on Facebook at 10:30 AM Sunday morning for your kids to watch and engage with. Tune in, ask questions or make comments, and enjoy a story time with your teachers! You can see the videos here on our SojournKids Facebook page.

The coloring sheets, activity pages, and the story for the lesson that you children would have done this Sunday in Sojourn Kids along with some age appropriate tips are below. If you have any questions about the material, feel free to reach out to me at or our Kids Coordinator, Crissy Smith, at

Jesus Was Arrested

Here are some helpful tips for teaching this to your kids:

2's and 3's: 

  • Retell the story in your own words, acting out key parts with your child's stuffed animals (dark at nighttime, praying, falling asleep, loud crowds coming, swords swishing, being arrested).
  • Find a garden or park to pray in outside as a family.
  • Ask “why was Jesus arrested?” The religious leaders said Jesus was telling lies about God.

4's, K, 1st:

  •  Have each child take "parts" of the story and act it out together as a family.
  • Play Simon Says. When your child makes a mistake, talk to them about how it feels to get caught doing something wrong. Remind them that Jesus never did anything wrong, but was still arrested and sentenced to die.
  • Discuss “why didn't Jesus fight back?” (this was part of God's plan) and “why do you think Judas betrayed Jesus?” (He cared more about money than his friend).


  • Have them retell the story to you, look up the scripture in the Bible and take turns reading sections.
  • Pray for prisoners in jail, police officers, attorneys, judges, and families whose loved ones are currently in jail.
  • Ask “ Who did Jesus say the Father could send to defend Him?” and “Why was it important for Jesus to do what the scriptures said He would do?” (to follow God's perfect plan)

At the end of the lesson plan is a time to pray. I encourage you to pray for those who are severely affected by the virus, for our government and civic leaders as they make decisions about our city, state, and country, and for peace and unity for our church family during these trying times.

Let me know if you have any questions, concerns, or if you need anything.

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Pastor of Families
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