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Reminders for October 15, 2018

God's Covenant Promise with Abraham

Hey everyone,

It has begun! The transition to the new kids check-in platform is underway. Soon and very soon, the old system we use will explode into a fiery inferno of ancient technology. Or it will just stop working. Either way we won't be able to use it.

We need your help to make this a smooth transition. We pulled most of your information from the old system, but there are some items you need to review. You could do this on an upcoming Sunday, but then you've got to stand in the hallway for five minutes typing awkwardly on a laptop while you're trying to coral your kids. Or...

You can create a username and password by completing the Account Registration form here.

The system will look for your profile that we pulled from the old system. If it locates a match, confirm your identity and click “Next.”
If you are new to Sojourn in the last six months, the system likely won’t have your data. So, just select “None of these are me” and create a new account. If you’ve been around for a while and still don’t get matched, please send me an e-mail at

After completing the online registration, you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail with instructions to confirm your account.

Navigate to and log in. You should see your profile. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and find all of your family members including your kids. Update any info that has changed (address, phone number, etc.) You’ll need to make sure we have accurate info on every child (allergies, special needs, etc.).

Boom! You did it. You’re ready to roll with our new kids check-in system. Thanks for helping us with this information update. We’ll keep you posted on when the new system will be launching this Fall!

Here are the regular weekly announcements.

THIS WEEK at SojournKids, we learned about "God's Covenant with Abraham." Follow the link to our website where you can find resources for talking about the truths of this week’s lesson with your kids. And be sure to download the Gospel Project App so you can review these lessons with your kids at home and on the road!

CHILD DEDICATION – Twice a year we offer parent's the opportunity to dedicate their child (or children) to the Lord and for our members to dedicate themselves to being a part of the community that raises these precious little ones. Our next Dedication Service is November 4th. You can sign up for the dedication and the required dedication class here.

SERVE WITH US – We’d be honored to have you join our team for our September-December 2018 Service Season. Our weekly attendance is close to 200, and we want to give ALL of our SojournKids the opportunity to attend classes every Sunday. Please complete your online application. Or, if you’ve already applied and served in the past and are ready to return, just email our new Volunteer Coordinator, Lauren Sims (!

KEEP OUR KIDS HEALTHY – Please be sure to read this important message to help you know how best to keep all of our SojournKids healthy!

RIGHT NOW MEDIA – Be sure to sign up for your free Right Now Media account so you and your kids can enjoy hundreds of Bible-based fun kids shows and video studies on parenting. Just follow this link for fast and free account setup!

HOW TO USE YOUR SUNDAY TAKE-HOME CARD – Be sure to read this short article

Grace and Peace,
Stephen Pierce
Family Pastor

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