Women’s Ministry

Sojourn Women is designed to provide opportunities for all women to be equipped by God’s Word and encouraged by His people to live out the gospel in our lives as women.

We offer classes, conferences and community in order to help nourish our minds with biblical truth, increase our reliance on God’s Spirit, share life together, and use our gifts to build up the church.

Each year we host a fall conference, a Christmas Gift Exchange, and a spring retreat open to all our campuses. We also encourage women to enroll in Women’s Leadership School, a 24-week course combining academic study, practical ministry and small group accountability.

As a woman at Sojourn, we urge you to join a Community Group at your campus to live life together with other believers and then take advantage of our opportunities for women to be further equipped, encouraged, and empowered!

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Women’s Leadership school

Women’s Leadership school is a seven-month leadership training program that trains women to serve and lead within the context of the local church. We believe that the local church has a responsibility to train and equip women to lead with strength wherever the Lord has placed them.

This training is essential for any person who wishes to serve in a leadership role at Sojourn (group leader, deacon, ministry leader, etc.), as well as any woman desiring to grow deeper in her relationship with God, love for others, and applying God’s truth to her life in her home, workplace, and neighborhood.

The training is divided into two semesters and covers a variety of topics such as; God’s glory, Bible study, theology, discipleship, leadership,  Biblical womanhood, and evangelism. Each women who participates in Women’s Leadership School is receiving discipleship from her group leader and is also taking what she’s learning and discipling another woman within Sojourn.

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