International Partners

Horn Of Africa
The Horn of Africa is one of the most hostile and unstable places on earth. For years the region has been ravaged by war and neglected by most of the world. To say that this region is in need is a vast understatement, but in the midst of great physical need we see a beautiful land with kind and hospitable people.

There are only small glimpses of gospel transformation in the Horn but God is doing great things and we are excited that we get to play a part. Our church has a team living in the middle of this region, doing gospel-centered ministry and church planting.

North Africa
North Africa is a region of Africa that is completely distinct from the rest of the continent. Much of the area is covered by a desert, pounded by heat, and is almost wholly Muslim. Once a base of Christianity during the time of Augustine, this area currently has very little gospel witness. Persecution of the existing church is severe.

Sojourn will be sending several families to a city in this region in the coming year. Pray for these families and for the people they are seeking to reach.

Lyon, France

Over 1800 years ago, Lyon was one of the first places in Europe to receive the gospel and was a stronghold of the Christian church. Today, Lyon is a city of 1.5 million people with less than 30,000 Christians. We have a team of three couples who have moved to Lyon, are working in the business world and are seeking to plant a church in partnership with two other existing churches in the city.

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