Next Steps

Join a Group

We gather together to learn how to love God and love one another. Groups are not only the primary entry point into community within Sojourn, they also represent the church on a personal level. Joining a community group is the best way to truly be a part of Sojourn. They meet every night of the week all across the city.

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Be Baptized

Baptism is a symbol of a restored relationship with God through faith in Jesus. When you are baptized, you are declaring to God’s people that you identify with the death and resurrection of Jesus, and you are demonstrating your desire to live an entirely new kind of life in Christ.

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Become a Member

Being a member is your way of saying, “I’m all in. You can count on me.” It’s also the best way to tell Sojourn’s pastors, “I want your prayers, your counsel, your teaching, and your godly example.”

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Serve at Sojourn

Whether it’s offering a warm welcome to a visitor as a part of the Sunday Connect team, caring for children with SojournKids, building relationships with teens in S2, our student ministry, organizing community Medical Clinics with Seed, our City Renewal ministry, or creating a neighborhood mural with Sojourn Arts, there is a place to put your time and talents to use at Sojourn. We are one body with many parts, and we want to see each part playing its role (Romans 12:6-8).

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