January 11, 2009


It’s been a great weekend around the 930, Sojourn’s meeting place/art gallery/music venue/mission outpost in the Germantown neighborhood of Louisville. Just in the past three days, we have had two gallery exhibitions open (Lost Love by Cindy Hinant and Romans Road by Sojourn Visual Arts)

photos by Danny Loeschen

a packed out show with musicians from Tennessee (Joe Garner and the Tennessee Apology)

and Sojourn’s very own Jamie Barnes (and his Deepest Apologies. They didn’t plan those names together, we promise.)

Then, Saturday morning we had a gathering of individuals going out into our neighborhood to serve lunch to Louisville’s marginalized and move a local widow to a new home to keep her from being evicted and losing all of her belongings. Sunday saw over 1300 people gather across four worship services throughout the day to lift their voices in song and celebrate week two of our B.C. series going through the Old Testament.

photo by Dan Canales

And Tuesday we look forward to hosting a monthly prayer gathering at 6:30 a.m. with all the hardy souls who will give up that extra hour of sleep and venture out into the freezing temperatures to gather to sing and pray together before starting their day.

What thread unites all of these things? It’s not the building, that’s for sure. Don’t get me wrong, we love our building with its gallery space and music venues and a nice auditorium for Sunday gatherings. We’re blessed all the time by it. But the one thing that unites all of these various efforts is God’s word and all that it has to say for real, practical life.

We see all of this past weekend’s activities displayed in Genesis 1-2. God creates so we celebrate creativity and seek to see it thrive in our city. People reflect God’s creativity as God’s image-bearers so we place a high value on making space for people to create and enjoy the creativity of others.

We also see all people sharing a common dignity as God’s image bearers. So we go out and we serve. No one is above us, no one is below us – we all bear our Maker’s image so we all can serve one another.

Gathering to worship springs obviously from the pages of Genesis. God is amazing, powerful, and worthy of our worship and, in spite of the Fall, because of the Christ, we have the privilege of approaching his throne in praise and with a longing to learn more of his word and his Son.

That’s why we gather at 6:30am once a month – God is at the center of everything Sojourn is about and so we have a deep need to pray, to seek his face and seek his vision for his kingdom so that we can put our efforts to their created purpose – serving our God, Father and Lord. Please, join us. Come pray with us. Sing with us. Tuesday morning at 6:30.

I’ll definitely be at Sojourn Prayer, but I wasn’t able to be at all of the events this weekend. It looked like there were about 2 million of you there for the gallery opening and music shows when I left. What did you think? How did the SEED projects go? What about the Sojourn Visual Arts Learning Party on Sunday? Give a report!

Bobby Gilles is Deacon of Community Life & operations for Sojourn New Albany, co-author of “Our Home Is Like A Little Church” and many worship songs. Listen to all his songs & read the blog he shares with his wife, worship leader Kristen Gilles, at