Midtown Family Devotional

Week of May 24, 2020

Due to COVID-19, in-person meetings at Sojourn Church Midtown have been suspended until further notice. You can read the announcement here on our website. Though we cannot gather together this week, we don't want to let the opportunity pass to train up our children. With that in mind, we're sending out this family devotional for you to use at home.

Read Acts 1:1–11

You could also read "Going home" from The Jesus Storybook Bible (pages 318–325), or "Story 45: King Jesus Goes Up to Heaven" from The Beginner's Gospel Story Bible (pages 266–271).

The Road to Emmaus

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The Book of Acts describes what happened to the apostles and disciples of the early church after Jesus rose from the grave. Jesus spent forty days on earth after his resurrection. He visited with the disciples multiple times over that period. This solidified and increased their faith in the truth that he was really the Messiah, the Son of God, and that he had genuinely risen from the dead.

After forty days, the time came for Jesus to depart from the disciples and ascend into heaven. The disciples were sad to see him go, but Jesus promised that he would send a Helper for them. Jesus had to leave in order for the Holy Spirit to come. Jesus was giving his friends a new baptism. The disciples would be baptized into the Holy Spirit. God himself, would dwell inside them! That's an amazingly great gift.

But the disciples were still confused about Jesus and his mission. Though Jesus had spent three years preparing them, many still thought Jesus would restore the earthly kingdom of Israel and rescue it from Roman rule and oppression. But that was never the plan Jesus had in mind. Jesus came to restore the relationship between God and humanity by dying for our sins. Not only did he do this for his disciples, but he wants the whole world to know about the salvation that he provides. So, Jesus gave his disciples instructions to be his witnesses to the world. He also gave them the Holy Spirit, which would come to give them the power, courage, and faith to live sent, that is, not only to be witnesses in the country and regions where they lived but also to spread the good news of the gospel to the whole world.

Jesus ascended into heaven, and the disciples stared in amazement. If that wasn't amazing enough, next two angels told the disciples that Jesus would come back. We are still waiting for Jesus to come back, and we hope and pray that he comes back soon! Until then, by the power of the Holy Spirit, we are called to be witnesses to the ends of the earth!

Think about it!

Use some questions to review the story with your family.
These questions are built just for STUDENTS.

Read Acts 1:6 and Ask: What are the disciples focusing on when they ask, "Are you going to restore the kingdom right now?" Do we ask similar questions to God today? When was the last time you asked God a question like this, and how did he answer you?

Read Acts 1:7-8 and Ask: What happens to a person when they receive the power of the Holy Spirit? What changes occur inside of them? Have you experienced the power of the Holy Spirit in your life? Give an example.

Read Acts 1:8 and Ask: What is a witness's main purpose? How can you be a witness to every person in your life?

Read Acts 1:9-11 and Ask: Why is it good news that Jesus is coming back? Do you think Jesus will come back during your lifetime? Why or why not?

Remember It! 

Take a few minutes to review our catechism question and memory passage. You can sing the memory passage song and dance along to the final worship song about how we have new life in Jesus.

Memory Passage:
"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him will not perish but have eternal life." John 3:16

Big Picture/Catechism Question:

Where is Jesus now? He is in heaven where he rules with God the Father.

Review and Pray! 

Here are some great ideas to review this lesson in your own family.
These activities are built just for KIDS.

At the end of your devotional, take time to pray. Pray for those who are severely affected by the virus, for our government leaders as they make decisions about our city, state, and country, and for peace for our church family during these trying times.

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