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It is one of our highest honors to care for those who have locked arms with us as church members and for those who consider Sojourn Midtown their home. We want to walk alongside you through the joys and hardships of life. We believe God is the God of all comfort who cares for us through our relationship with Jesus Christ, by God’s Spirit, with God’s people, and according to God’s Word. Below are the various ways to let us know how we can help you.

How can I receive help?

Sojourn Care equips through the following pathways:

Restore is a weekly ministry that meets on Wednesday nights from 6:30-8:30pm. Restore helps God’s people to know and experience God’s love as we connect God’s story with our story. Our desire is that you would receive comfort from God and grow confident in God. Restore is for anyone who wants to grow as a disciple or who is overwhelmed by life. Read this FAQ to learn more about Restore. Contact for more information.

Pastoral visits are sometimes necessary depending on the urgency and severity of the struggle you might be experiencing. While our desire for you is to be able to journey with God and others through our Restore support groups, we understand it may be necessary for you to first receive help from a Sojourn Church pastor or Care leader. If you would like to receive some guidance regarding what might be the best next step for you, first read our care overview guide, then fill out our Care Request Form which includes completing the Sojourn Gospel Care Expectations and Consent Form.

Sojourn provides Pre-Marital Care (PMC) free of charge for Sojourn members or those in the membership process, PMC through Sojourn is required for all members regardless of their wedding location.

After turning in your completed Marriage Preparation Inventories and Informed Consent Form, you will be assigned to one of our trained marriage mentors to take you through PMC. We utilize our own material, plus a selected book to supplement the PMC sessions. We typically schedule PMC 12 weeks before your wedding — six two-hour sessions spaced out every other week. The last session, which deals with the marriage bed, is scheduled no more than two weeks prior to the wedding.

Scheduling is sometimes more difficult if a fiance lives in another city or you have unusual work schedules. We ask you to be flexible and accommodating since our mentors have time demands and constraints as well. We also ask you to consider the importance of PMC by making the scheduling a priority.

Once complete, you will need to email your inventories and Informed Consent forms (PDF) to

PMC Checklist:

Congratulations on your engagement! We’re excited to prepare you for your wedding ceremony and marriage. Sojourn offers crucial resources like premarital care, pastors to officiate your wedding, and a wedding coordinator who will help you plan and execute your rehearsal and wedding day. We pray you will enjoy this time together and be encouraged in the Lord. We will strive to make your wedding day joyous and stress-free.

Can I have my wedding at Sojourn?

You can be married at Sojourn Midtown, East, J-Town or New Albany if you or your fiancé are a member of Sojourn or a member-in-process (waiting for your membership interview). Also, we do not hold wedding receptions at any Sojourn property.

What is required to be married at Sojourn?

  • You or your fiancé must be a member of Sojourn or waiting for your membership interview.
  • You must apply for pre-marital care before you can be approved to have your wedding at Sojourn. For more information on the Pre-Marital Care process, read the section above.
  • Only a Sojourn pastor can officiate your wedding.
  • Only a Sojourn wedding coordinator may coordinate your wedding. No outside wedding coordinators are allowed.
  • You must meet all requirements as stated in your wedding contract with Sojourn.
  • All events at Sojourn must be in accordance with our beliefs and Bylaws.

How much does it cost to get married at Sojourn?

The total cost for a wedding at Midtown $950. This includes a $30 non-refundable deposit to secure the date. This includes using the space for the rehearsal, utilities, cleaning, a wedding coordinator, a pastor to officiate, a sound technician, and at some locations, a police officer for security.

What is the next step for me if I want to get married at Sojourn?

  • Complete this form to request your desired date for approval. Someone will get back with you as soon as possible regarding availability.
  • Fill out and turn in the pre-marital counseling inventory and the appropriate counseling application below:
    Midtown PMC form

“The Lord cares deeply when his loved ones die.” Psalm 116:115 NLT

If you experience the loss of a loved one, we can help you make arrangements for a funeral/memorial service. If you are in a community group, let your community group leader know about your loss. You can also contact for more next steps on arranging for a pastor to lead a funeral or for hosting a funeral at one of our facilities.

Midtown Care Staff

Robert Cheong

Pastor of Care

Karen Cheong

Deacon of Care

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