Baptism & Membership

Looking to take a next step of faith at Sojourn?
Learn more about getting baptized or becoming a member.

Get Baptized

Baptism is a public announcement of a restored relationship with God through faith in Jesus.

Attend our next baptism class to learn more about taking this next step of faith. Even if you haven’t made a commitment to Jesus, we'd love to meet with you to answer your questions about baptism and talk more about what it means to be a Christian.

See upcoming baptism classes on our events page:

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Become a Member

Lock arms with us by becoming a covenant member. The first step is attending our membership class, covers Sojourn's mission, basic beliefs, and what it means to partner with us. Attending the membership class doesn't make you a member or require that you join afterward, but it gives you the information to make those decisions and prepares you for the required member interview.

See upcoming membership classes on our events page:

Midtown Events

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