As if this past Sunday’s story of David and Goliath wasn’t adventurous enough, this coming Sunday we’ll camp out in another gripping scene from the life of David. King Saul, filled with jealousy, tries to kill David against the wishes of Saul’s own children Jonathan and Michal.

From the beginning of 1 Samuel 19 to the end, which sees Saul laying on a floor prophesying in the presence of the prophet Samuel, it’s a strange tale. What are we to make of it? What about this story speaks to the human condition, and the glory of God? Let’s learn together as we worship him.
See you Sunday.

Sojourn Community Church is one church with four locations throughout Kentuckiana. Each campus is unique, but all share the same mission and vision. Vision: God’s vision for his church is to see his fame spread throughout the universe as his people grow, bear his image, and participate in the advance of the gospel to the ends of the earth. Mission: Sojourn Community Church exists to reach people with God’s gospel, build them as his church, and release his church into the world.