This coming Sunday we continue our SOLAS series with one of the Five SOLAS of the Reformation: For God’s Glory Alone.

We’ll walk through Romans 11:33-36. This is a famous doxology (a big word that means “hymn of praise” or “exclamation of praise”). What does it mean to live for God’s glory alone. What does God’s glory say about his character? We’ll learn together, as we raise our own voices in praise to our awesome God.

See you Sunday.

Sojourn Community Church is one church with four locations throughout Kentuckiana. Each campus is unique, but all share the same mission and vision. Vision: God’s vision for his church is to see his fame spread throughout the universe as his people grow, bear his image, and participate in the advance of the gospel to the ends of the earth. Mission: Sojourn Community Church exists to reach people with God’s gospel, build them as his church, and release his church into the world.