April 16, 2018


This past Sunday, we looked at the first of Sojourn’s three core values: Truth. This Sunday we continue in the Our Sojourn series by focusing on our second core value: Beauty.

Contemporary American culture values and idealizes beauty. In what ways does a gospel-centered approach to beauty differ from cultural views? How do we properly worship God in the beauty of holiness? How does an appreciation of beauty allow us to show our neighbors what God is like? Think and pray about these things in your devotion times this week.

See you Sunday.

Sojourn Community Church is one church with four locations throughout Kentuckiana. Each campus is unique, but all share the same mission and vision. Vision: God’s vision for his church is to see his fame spread throughout the universe as his people grow, bear his image, and participate in the advance of the gospel to the ends of the earth. Mission: Sojourn Community Church exists to reach people with God’s gospel, build them as his church, and release his church into the world.