How big is your God?

by Scott Slucher


As I write these words, it’s Tuesday, November 3, 2020—Election Day—a day that feels like a vigil as we wait to see what will happen next. These past few days, I’ve had many conversations with people all over the political spectrum, and the one thing that unifies left, right and indifferent was an overwhelming anxiety over the response to the election by the losing faction.

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Faith more than fear

by Amy Simpson


It’s not uncommon for me to have grocery store encounters with strangers who want to comment on the tiny companions that take up more room in the cart than the actual groceries. And MOST of the time, people are perfectly pleasant. But what started as a compliment (“your boys are so precious!”) on a cold January morning in the self-checkout aisle, that turned into her briefly sharing a reflection about remembering the days when her grown-up children were the same age as my little ones, ended rather abruptly with her parting words:

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The beauty of mutual image bearing

by Colleen Ramser


When I was younger, I would often seek out sitting with the stinky kid just as much as I would the popular kid at school. At the time, I wasn’t able to put words to this posture toward others. But I consistently remember being interested in who people were more than their status or how they looked. Even from a young age, I remember listening to their sometimes painful stories, but also seeing value in who they were despite what could have diminished them. I believe this came from my own story of suffering growing up. I knew what it felt like to be devalued.

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The gift of grieving

by Jackie Lopina


I’ll never forget leaning on my locker in my flared jeans and Calvin Klein tee blubbering like a baby. It was the start of 8th grade and my grandpa had died unexpectedly. As I told Mrs. Fitz why I would miss school the next day, tears started and wouldn’t stop. Her face melted in sympathy as she drew me into a long hug. I felt safe, my grief validated and understood. I had my first experience to the contrary only days later.

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Going and growing deeper

by Nora Allison


Sojourn just celebrated its 20th birthday as a church. I wasn’t a part of the very earliest days, but stories abound! So what do I feel like I missed out on that day? In a parking lot, almost 2 decades ago now, a group of believers demonstrated in a very public and unmistakable way, their commitment to identify with and follow through on a call to a kingdom priority over an earthly one. They willingly destroyed something temporal, and in some cases valuable, in order to clear the way for something transcendent and God-centered. They chose the mission over the material. I want that - for me, for my family and for our church on Rudy Lane in East Louisville.

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