Jump in starting in July: $150 per Couple for the Half Year (Use the code QUARTER3)
2019 Dates: February 9, May 18, July 27, and October 12
9am - 3pm

Grace Marriage is designed to enrich, protect, and grow your marriage. Using Biblical, grace-based materials you will have time to talk with your spouse and explore ways to enrich your relationship. Four times a year husbands and wives meet with other couples in various stages of life to explore different aspects of marriage.

Grace Marriage is not a lecture. It is not marriage counseling or group therapy. It is not a seminar or conference. It is not a place where you will be forced to share your deepest secrets. Grace Marriage is an intentional commitment to grow in your relationship with each other and the Lord. It is an intentional investment into the health of your marriage.

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6 Hours Every 90 Days


Couples meet for 6 hours every 90 days to be engaged by Biblical concepts and look big picture at their relationship. Couples create action steps and implement strategies to protect and promote life in their marriage the following quarter.

Small Group Format


Quarterly sessions are a time for couples to connect individually and in a small group. Gathering in groups of 5-6 couples allows for community and collective insight from married couples at other stages of life. Groups stay together for the full year.


  • Who can attend Grace Marriage? Any married male and female couple may attend. A couple does not have to be a member of our church to participate.
  • When are the sessions held? 2019 dates are February 9, May 18, July 27, and October 12. Sessions will be held at Sojourn East from 9am to 3pm. Lunch and snacks are included.
  • Who will be in our group? You will be in a group with your spouse as well as other couples who want their marriage to grow. 5-7 couples will walk through the day’s material together. Spouses will have personal time together throughout the day to privately discuss the topics addressed. Groups will have mixed ages. Newly marrieds as well as couples who have been married for decades will be involved.
  • What about childcare? Grace Marriage is a 6 hour day, that's a long time for your kids to be in a small classroom. We believe that most children would be happier in their own home or with family/friends they know. For these reasons childcare will not be offered. Consider these days as an extended date – time for just the two of you. We encourage groups to work together to share the cost of childcare as much as possible
  • What does it cost? Grace Marriage is $300 for the year. This includes all materials, meals, and snacks. We encourage you to consider your participation fee as an investment in your marriage. What a great Christmas, birthday, or anniversary gift. Payment plans are available. Contact Pastor Jason (jread@sojournchurch.com) with questions. The price will be pro-rated if you start later in the year.

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