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Sojourn East was planted in 2009 with the goal of reaching people on the East end of Louisville. Located in the St. Matthews neighborhood of Windy Hills, we value families, the arts, and community activities. Our desire is to build up the people of Sojourn East to send them out with the gospel both locally and globally. We would love to have you visit and welcome you into our community!

James: Faith That Works

July 15, 2018 | Week 9

The Christian faith is active. Faith must work; a dead, work-less faith is worse than no faith at all. Faith must be visible. We believe the life of following Christ is the best way to be a human being. Obedience to God always produces joy, whether in the short or long term. In short, Christianity is a faith that works.

Kevin Jamison

Lead Pastor

Chad Lewis

Spiritual Formation Pastor

Bryan Lopina

Associate Pastor

Larry McCrary

Sending Pastor

Nora Allison

Women’s Ministry & Equip Director

Jessica Gardner

Office Manager

Eric Johnson

Care Director

Trey Kullman

Family Pastor

Seth Michels

Student Director

Eddy Morris

Production Technologist

Jason Read

Community Life Pastor

Maggie Tait

SojournKids Assistant

Streeter Wiatt

Property Manager

Sam Yong

Director of Worship


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