What are Sunday Classes?

Sunday Classes are learning environment to help you learn about life with God from his Word and from his people and to grow alongside of others.  You can choose from a variety of topics and will have a chance to ask questions and talk about what you’re learning. The classes begin on October 8th and last for four weeks. Each of them meets for about 90 minutes during one of our Sunday Services. You’ll be taught by Sojourn elders, staff and gifted teachers. Take a look at the class choices below and then click on the link at the bottom to register.

What Classes are you offering?

Gospel-Centered Parenting (10am)

You’ve tried the best-selling parenting books and even supposedly biblical discipline strategies. What’s your next parenting move? This class will help you join with other stressed-out parents to make faith in Jesus and hope in the gospel the core of your parenting.

When Life and Beliefs Collide: Women’s Group (10am)

Sooner or later, everyone experiences deep disappointments, difficult losses, and trying times in life. We wonder why God allows these things to happen. We wonder if our prayers are being heard or make any difference. Only a deep understanding of who God is will bring us the comfort and hope that we truly need. Join us as we see how God makes a difference in the realities of our lives.

Basics Bible Study: Men’s Group (10am)

Reading the Bible is perhaps the most important way to learn what it means to follow Jesus. But what if you’re intimidated by the Scriptures or have difficulty understanding them? In this basic Bible study, we’ll read slowly through books of the Bible, learning to apply simple truths about who God is and what He’s asked us to do.

Family Baptism Class (10am)

Do you have a child (ages 8 to 12) who is interested baptism at Sojourn? We will answer their questions and help you begin the process of preparing for baptism together. This three-week class (break on October 16th) will cover (1) What is the gospel? (2) What is baptism? (3) What is the church? and how to help your child write their testimony. Parents and their child should attend this class together.  

Membership Class (11:30am)

Are you ready for your next step within Sojourn Church? Have you been attending Sojourn a while and desire to be more involved, connected, and committed to the life of our church? Join us for 4 weeks as we explore the history, beliefs, values, theology, leadership, and vision of Sojourn Community Church. Sign up online at sojournchurch.com/membership

Young Professional Bible Study (11:30am)

This class is for graduate students and marketplace professionals at the beginning of their career and is a study of the book of Philippians.  In our walkthrough of this book you will learn a simple method for reading, studying, and applying any passage of Scripture in both a group and personal context.

Basics of Personal Finance (11:30am)

Do you need help managing your finances, dealing with debt, and sticking to a budget? Join us for 4-week class on the basics of financial management. You’ll learn biblical principles on how to view money and possessions, make/stick to a budget, tackle your debt, and begin taking steps toward financial stability.

Mercy, Justice, and the People of God (11:30am)

Do you know what to do when someone in your church family has a need? Or when a homeless man who asks you for money? In this 6-week class, we’ll explore a biblical definition of poverty and injustice, and how we, as the church, are to love the poor and outcast in our midst.

Justice and the Unborn (5:30-7:30pm)

Join us for three weeks as we explore how to care for women in crisis pregnancy, and consider what it looks like to champion justice for the unborn in our city and state.




Should I still sign up for Sunday Classes if I have to miss one or more Sunday?

Yes – we encourage you to attend every week, however we understand you may need to miss. We ask that you be able to attend 5 out of the 6 Sundays when you are considering signing up.

Can I attend more than one Sunday Class?

Yes – our hope is that none of the classes would replace attending worship during one of the Sunday worship services.  If this is not the case and you have the capacity to take more than one, please feel the freedom to do so.

Can I sign up for one of the marriage classes if I am not married?

 Yes – the marriage classes are helpful for those who are single, engaged, and married