Are you ready to grow your faith, learn how to read the Bible, strengthen your marriage, reach financial stability, or develop a passion for the nations? Now is the time to take your next step at Sojourn Community Church!

This Spring we are continuing to offer a fourth quarter of Sunday Classes. Four five-week classes will be available for everyday, ordinary people to transform and grow as followers of Christ. These classes usually last one hour each week, range in sizes from 15-100 people, and involve both discussion and teaching. They are led by pastors and leaders within our church. You can see the list of classes and times below:

Basics Bible Study: Men’s Group, 10am, Sojourn Meridian 2nd floor Conference Room

Reading the Bible is perhaps the most important way to learn what it means to follow Jesus. But many of us are intimidated by the Scriptures or have difficulty understanding them. In this study, we’ll learn to apply simple truths about who God is and what He’s asked us to do.

Intro to Gospel Care, 10am, Sojourn Meridian 2nd Floor Gathering Space

Does the gospel offer a “psychology” that addresses who we are, why we struggle and how we can find hope and healing? Do you want to learn how you can care for others with the gospel? We’ll answer these and other questions in covering the basics of gospel care.

Adoption and Foster Care Basics, 10am, Sojourn Meridian 4th Floor Library

Have you considered mirroring the gospel through adoption or foster care? Join us to discuss adoption and foster care through the biblical lens and learn the process to adopt or foster, the financial implications and strategies to afford adoption.

Refugees, Discipleship, & the Church, 11:30am, Sojourn Meridian 2nd floor Gather Space

How do we glorify God in the midst of a global refugee crisis? What does Scripture say about refugees and the role of the church? Join us as we talk about how local churches can embrace refugees in Louisville & beyond.



1. Should I still sign up for Sunday Classes if I have to miss one or more Sunday?

Yes – we encourage you to attend every week, however we understand you may need to miss. We ask that you be able to attend 5 out of the 6 Sundays when you are considering signing up.

2. Can I attend more than one Sunday Class?  

Yes – our hope is that none of the classes would replace attending worship during one of the Sunday worship services.  If this is not the case and you have the capacity to take more than one, please feel the freedom to do so.

3. Can I sign up for one of the marriage classes if I am not married? 

 Yes – the marriage classes are helpful for those who are single, engaged, and married